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The Movement Studio in Shellingford, Oxfordshire

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Welcome to The Movement Studio, practitioners of the Alexander Technique and Gyrotonics.

About me - My way - Beatrice Herrmann

Beatrice Herrmann, The Movement Studio's founder Beatrice, Member of STAT

Over 25 years ago I studied and qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher in Switzerland with postgraduate terms in England, and later I became a certified Gyrotonic® Trainer. Thus, combined with my being a qualified Physical Education Teacher with supplementary training in back related problems as well as my knowledge and practice of Tai Ji (since 1985), enabled me to open my successful studio in Basel, Switzerland. This can be viewed on my Web Site at www.move-basel.ch.

I have now become a permanent resident in England and over the last year I completed my spacious, 500 square foot, fully equipped studio in the charming, local village of Shellingford.

Who can benefit?

Gently, theraputic activity at The Movement Studio

People with work or sports injury or illness related tension and stress as well as people with everyday aches and pains, where an understanding of movement and posture can bring great relief and physical wellbeing.

My personal Experience.

I have used these techniques not only on myself where I learned to free myself successfully from the pains of a serious back injury and regained strength, flexibility as well as expansion of my mobility but also over the years, on all my clients.

My Philosophy.

I understand life as a continuous process of change where mind, body and soul are in permanent interaction. This interaction is important, not only for personal development but also for physical and psycological health. This philosophy is the focus in my work as an Alexander Technique Teacher and Gyrotonic® Trainer. When using natural and gentle movements in work with and on the body, it also has beneficial effects on the mind and soul.

If you are ready to learn more, please enrole for an introductory lesson or course. Everybody is warmly welcomed.